Our Wines

We make different wines that reflect the best of the all natural terroir of its region and country. Based on the same values; made with respect for people and planet; enjoyed, shared and beloved by all generations.

 A small hint of viognier has been added to this Chardonnay. This results in a soft but full-bodied wine with tropical notes of dried abricot and ripe banana and a long finish with typical southern French spices. It is highly recommended with Mediterranean dishes with fis hand veal and of course at its best with good & lovely company.

Génération Chardonnay

This organic Cabernet Sauvignon is full of flavor and has intense notes of black currant, blackberry and a little licorice with a long sultry aftertaste. Delicious with grilled meats, hearty cheeses and seasoned dishes.

Génération Cabernet Sauvignon

With its deep red color, this South African wine has already won multiple hearts. When tasted you will find black cherry, blackberry and chocolate.. and to top it off a small pepper spice. Fortunately, we can enjoy this juicy wine for a long time because of its endless aftertaste.


It is a clear wine with a light golden color. This zesty wine has hints of ripe stone fruit, such as apricot and peach. This is supplemented by the fresh notes of lime and some passion(fruit). All together this results in a fresh and juicy wine which matches perfectly with light dishes like salads, seafood and Asian cuisine.


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